Scenario: Emergency Objective: Communication Architecture: Satellite


The WISECOM project is co-funded by the European Commission 1 . It studies, develops, and validates by live trials candidate rapidly deployable lightweight communications infrastructures for emergency conditions (after a natural or industrial hazard). The system integrates terrestrial mobile radio networks - comprising GSM, UMTS, WiFi, and optionally WiMax and TETRA - over satellite, using Inmarsat BGAN and DVB-RCS systems. WISECOM uses lightweight and rapidly deployable technologies, and incorporates location-based services. The infrastructure is intended to cover immediate needs in the first hours and days after a disaster event, as well as medium to longer term needs, during the recovery and rebuilding phase following an emergency. WISECOM is counting on active participation by medical and rescue organizations to ensure the usefulness of the developed solution. 1 WISECOM is supported by EC funds under the FP6 IST Programme, contract number: 034673..

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